i2go Insurance Telematics Solution

We help insurers to reduce costs, boost retention and streamline claim processes.

Turn Data into an Opportunity

The world of mobility is changing rapidly. Telematics and Usage Based Insurance (UBI) products are rolling out across the globe and reshaping the traditional insurance landscape.

We help insurance companies and auto manufacturers to bring innovation to the world of mobility by combining data science with amazing technology. Enabling insurer’s digital transformation that drives new revenue, improved risk assessment and enhanced engagement.

With our agile and fast to deploy end-to-end solution, you can price policies accurately, help drivers to improve their performance and cross sell new add-on products.

Why you need tigerlab’s telematics insurance solution

Our insurance telematics solution provide rich data insiaghts, engaging customer experiences and helps you to better manage client risk, by encouraging safer driving.

Our risk Assessment Model leverages real claim data from our worldwide telematics database, to improve accuracy and predictiveness.

  • Identify risky driving behavior
  • Go to market fast with an effective risk score
  • Try before you buy

Improve Risk Assessment

Positive selection and improved behavior can reduce claims by 20%. With FNOL (First Notification Of Loss) the time of claim management is shortened from several days to minutes.

  • Loss ratio improvements
  • Faster, more accurate liability decisions through data enrichment, such as location-based data
  • Early accident detection and alert service

Improve Risk Assessment

More engagement results in benefits to the insurer and consumer – drivers who check a UBI app just 4 times per week are 26% safer. Our end to end engagement approach via apps and services encourages better driving to reduce accidents. We develop personalized insurance policies tailored to the needs and driving styles of the individual policyholder.

  • Alerts and notifications
  • Gamification & Challenges
  • Chat with your customers for faster problem solution
  • Cross sell other branded services

Improve Risk Assessment

Increase customer retention by up to 20% through regular engagement and driver scoring

  • Customized user experience through data insights
  • Rewards program to establish loyalty and brand advocacy
  • frequent and personalized conversations with policyholders
  • Added Services (Location & Event Based)
  • More satisfied policyholders through a better, faster claims experience

Improve Risk Assessment

Our Telematics & Black Box Solutions

Quick to deploy Usage Based Insurance Models



This insurance product is based on mileage (how much you drive) and not where or how. Customers will only pay for the miles driven at the end of the month.



This insurance product is based on personal driving behavior (How you accelerate, brake or take corners). Customers will pay based on a score, which is calculated from the collected driving data.

Try before you buy Acquisition

Try before you buy Acquisition

Reduce customer acquisition costs and grow your book of business. Engage new customers and carry out a risk assessment before the user purchases.

Insurance on Demand

Insurance on Demand

Customer solution to manage risk and make right choice with low cost.

We offer insurers multiple options for in-vehicle data collection

General Smartphone Telematics Features

Accurate Data Set

98% of driving infractions

Low Battery Drain

Less than 6% daily battery consumption

Accident Detection

Algorithm and AI detect road accidents

Telematics Features

Fully Autonomous

Works independently inside the app in background


Automatic Trip Start and Stop detection

Multi Sensor Access

Phone contains 16 sensors

App Features

Our Scoring Model

Create a customized and a fully flexible scoring with a range of collected data, such as:

Location Location
Time Time
Acceleration Acceleration
Cornering Cornering
Braking Braking
Speed Speed
Distance Distance
Duration Duration
Direction Direction
Distracted Driving Distracted Driving

Why you should work with us

We have insurance industry specific experience to get your insurance business running quickly.

  • Proven Track Record
  • Fully Customizable Solutions Without Sacrificing Speed to Market
  • Flexible and Scalable Modular Software Architecture
  • Premium Support

We offer an All-In-One Insurance Software Solution, that helps you manage your entire Insurance business. The i2go insurance software is a powerful and integrated system, built for you to achieve the ultimate 360° insurance experience. Our modules are powerful micro-applications that can be linked with our CRM core. Whether its building a CMS, buying policies or creating reports; our modules can deliver it all.

  • Cloud-based
  • Fully modular
  • Omni-Channel Solution
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Scalable & secure
  • Multi Device

Try i2go now and take your insurance business to a new level

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tigerlab is the leading provider for insurance software solutions. Our modular, flexible and customizable software – built on i2go Core Platform – empowers customers to rapidly deploy and easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs. For 10 years, we have focused our attention on what makes businesses more valuable and worked with our many clients to help them achieve breakthrough business results.