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Our Pricing Model


A Minimum upfront voucher payment calculated based on our initial efforts.
To keep any project with us free, we commit that the voucher will be refunded each month, at a 10% reduction on the post go-live premiums as a discount to the monthly GWP percentage license fee. Meaning that all initial voucher fees will be fully refunded, returning to you in full your capex.


A volume-based percentage fee will be applied to all GWP from new business and renewals across all the products we build on the tigerlab platform.
The more volume placed through the platform, the lower the percentage will become. No matter how many modules of the tigerlab platform you wish to use, the percentage will remain the same, keeping our pricing model very simple.

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About tigerlab

tigerlab is the leading provider for insurance software solutions. Our modular, flexible and customizable software – built on i2go Core Platform – empowers customers to rapidly deploy and easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs. For 10 years, we have focused our attention on what makes businesses more valuable and worked with our many clients to help them achieve breakthrough business results.