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i2go Intro

i2go is our best-of-breed All-In-One Insurance Suite that helps you manage your entire Insurance business. Our powerful application enables current and upcoming InsureTech trends to be utilised on your products, empowering you to remain ahead of the competition.

Whether its policy management, rating calculations or quickly delivering unique products through multiple sales channels, with i2go your overheads and up-front financial expenses are greatly reduced.

i2go Core CRM

The i2go core is the nucleus of our eco-system of modules that supports all your required business functions with high-speed processing. We use a CRM centric approach to help you manage your ever growing customer demands, placing your business ahead of competition.

i2go Core
i2go Modules

i2go Modules

i2go modules are powerful mirco-applications that can be linked with our core to fulfill client requirements. Whether its building a CMS, buying policies or creating reports; our modules can deliver it all.

Our Modules:

  • Policy Management
  • Claims Management
  • CMS
  • Quote & Sales
  • Customer Service Portal
  • Rating & Commissions
  • Voucher & Discount
  • Reports & Analytics

API Integrations

Your modules and how we interact with them:

With API integration, i2go modules can communicate with any program or third party plugins that your business requires. For example payment gateways, accounting, facebook, internet of things and others. Basically anything is possible!

With APIs we create a network of unlimited capabilities that are also cost effective so that your business can exceed expectations.

API Integrations

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About tigerlab

tigerlab is the leading provider for insurance software solutions. Our modular, flexible and customizable software – built on i2go Core Platform – empowers customers to rapidly deploy and easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs. For 10 years, we have focused our attention on what makes businesses more valuable and worked with our many clients to help them achieve breakthrough business results.