Business Partner Management

Business Partner Management

The goal of Business Partner is to manage all your business relationships and customer interactions to maintain close and strong ties with your agents and clients. It helps you to stay connected to your business associates and increase productivity while providing support and special services during the relationship.

Activity Management

Activity Management helps you access all the information of your business partner activities in just a few clicks. With customer history you can see their interests, check on their issues and follow up with a tailored solution to support them. The record of the entire customer history guarantees you that nothing falls through the cracks anymore. With all this ease you can have more time to grow your business.

Activity Management
Task Management

Task Management

The task management enables you to create internal tasks like to-dos, case management or sending out hard copies to customers and assign tasks to other users. You can share knowledge to achieve common objectives and execute your tasks smoothly by setting priorities. This allows efficient management of time which leads to an efficient workflow and productivity in your company.

Case Management

With case management you can manage and track workflow processes like referrals, cancellations, claims or MTAs. Further you can inform customers when a case is completed.

Some types of Cases:

  • Referral Management

  • Lead Management

  • Renewal Management

Case Management

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