Our Story

We are a global IT company that provides an insurance software called i2go. Our story started in 2008 as a web based IT solutions company in Malaysia, working with various international customers. For 10 years, we have focused our attention on what makes businesses more valuable and worked with our clients to secure their future. Driven by a passion for IT solutions in the insurance sector, we believe that the insurance industry requires up-to-date technology, which makes it possible to adjust to changes quickly and easily.

The enterprise grew first across Asia, then across the globe, with each new market, we expanded our knowledge concerning software solutions in the insurance marketplace and created innovative methods to deliver value to our clients. In 2013 we successfully developed an efficient online business portal to our renowned partner AOK systems, which is one of the biggest insurances in Germany. The portal is in use by their 25 million customer base. That was our first most monumental achievement in the industry.

Fortunately since then, we have never looked back! Through this success we realized that we were in the middle of an Industry with exponential growth, in a country with a dynamic market potential. That's how Malaysia became our permanent home and its majestic Malayan tiger our inspiration and emblem. It made sense for a Malaysian company like ours, that aims create impact all over the world, to be represented by this symbol of power and perseverance.

Today, we are a company with 3 offices in Kuala Lumpur, London and Buenos Aires. Tigerlab is focused on offering flexible solutions in a market that is full of of standardized and rigid systems. We recognize the constant need for change, and we’re up to the challenge.


Meet Our Team

Tobias Bergmann

Tobias Bergmann


Tobias is an innovative and creative visionary who loves bringing the world of technology alive, his eye for usability, mobility and visual standards has led to digital application launches that have been met with many short and long term successes.

Saimer Moo

Saimer Moo


Saimer has a Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons.) Software and Animation who has mastered in technology of Web, Mobile, UX & UI Design and Cloud Computing to lead our world-class software engineering team.

Daniel Longhi

Daniel Longhi

Managing Director

Daniel has an unparalleled focus on finding the best solution to meet the business needs. With over 7 years experience in the Insurance Software space.

Daniel Longhi

Juan Aguero

Managing Director
Buenos Aires

Juan is best known for being Founder of GPower Latin America & President of SCOMI Argentina. Former CEO at IMPSA ASIA.

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About tigerlab

tigerlab is the leading provider for insurance software solutions. Our modular, flexible and customizable software – built on i2go Core Platform – empowers customers to rapidly deploy and easily extend and change applications to meet strategic business needs. For 10 years, we have focused our attention on what makes businesses more valuable and worked with our many clients to help them achieve breakthrough business results.