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In modern jobs the work with IT Database Systems gets more and more important and the time you have to spend increases. Usually the handlingof many Database Systems is complicated and do not represent the real workflow. tigerlab's Enterprise IT Solutions adjust your Database workflow to your personal requirements

Why Enterprise IT Solutions?

Organisations / Enterprises run Backend Systems like SAP, IBM or Oracle to organize and optimize their daily business processes. The Communication with the Backend Systems (create/edit/display data) will be handled by Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's).

In most of the cases, these standard GUIs have several disadvantages:

  • NO Web & Mobile access to Backends.
  • NOT user friendly.
  • NOT customized to the real company processes and workflows.
  • Lack of functions.

tigerlab's Enterprise IT Solutions are closing these gaps.


Our Solutions

  • are customized Frontend Solutions, which are able to connect to various Backend Systems
  • are based on Web & Mobile technology
  • simplifies Backend Data Processing
  • are capable to use Cloud storage services in order to process Cloud Data

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