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tigerlab's Enterprise IT Solutions are customized Software Products to simplify and improve business processes and workflows in the following areas:

(Business to Business)
(Business to Customer)
(Business to Employee)
Graphical User Interface's for Communication
between two companies
Graphical User Interface's for Communication
between company and customer
Graphical User Interface's for Communication
between company and employee
e.g: Bank/Insurance Interface

Banks, who used to have Insurance Partner for upselling Products (House Loan -> Life Insurance) have an Web Interface, which connects the Banks to their Insurance Partner. Through this communication Cannel , banks can create, maintain and retrieve Insurance Data (Insurance Policy) and process in real time.
e.g: Customer Service Portal

Customer signs in Online to a Portal through Web or Mobile Device. The Customer Self Service Portal provides to its clients functions like:
  • Account Overview
  • Customer Profile
  • Online Form Center
  • Product and Tarif Center
  • Notification Center
  • and many more ...
e.g: Mobile Sales App

A Retailer supplies Tablets to their Employees (e.g: Sales Team), to retrieve, maintain and create customer data in real time. (e.g: Customer Side Visit).

Additionally the Location Based Services (LBS) on the Mobile Device helps companies to manage their Sales team in a more efficient way



Check out tigerlab's Customer Service Portal Demo based on PHP – click here for more information

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