Like other types of businesses, Insurance Companies have specialized tasks and activities that must be performed on a regular basis.

In a modern day competitive environment Insurance sales management software is not an optional gimmick, but an absolute necessary.

It can go a long way toward reducing the amount of time you spend completing administrative tasks.

Most applications have costly start-up costs and expensive maintenance requirements.


We are so confident in our software and our ability to deliver impeccable experience, that we are ready to absorb all setup costs.

Yes, that’s right:

You Can Start Free

IN SURANCE is based on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model. It is a web-based software maintained and managed by us, accessible via the internet.

The SaaS delivery model is rapidly gaining traction because it offers faster deployment speeds, lower upfront costs, and ongoing flexibility to scale up or down as company needs change.

As a SaaS vendor we also provide regular scheduled maintenance and software upgrades with ZERO involvement from your side.

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    No Upfront Costs

    We charge transaction (sales) based fees, not development hours or monthly maintenance fees. No sales means no costs for you, so we are directly interested in your success. Think about In Surance as a partner in your business that is just as interested in your success as your own stakeholders.

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    Significant Savings In a Long Term

    Your business no longer requires as many physical servers or software licenses for your on-premise software applications or operating systems.

    Not only will you save money on buying new hardware for servers or paying for additional software licenses, but you will also save money on the administration of these machines, power consumption and many other aspects.

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    Voucher System

    Our competitive pricing mechanism is on a pay as you succeed basis with minimal upfront expenditure and no monthly minimum charges. If your project setup takes us 40 hours or less there is zero charge. For setups that take longer we pre-agree and implement a voucher system charge to cover our efforts at cost. However we then offset the full amount of this voucher from any agreed monthly transactional charge when your system goes live.Once launched we charge a pre-agreed share of Gross Written Premium handled by your tigerlab platform on a monthly basis. Generally our customers pay 2%-3% for small volume programs decreasing for high business throughput to 1%.Most importantly we don’t tie our customers down as you will be free to terminate without penalty should your business model change for any reason.