Modern insurance platforms should, as standard, support a “multi-everything” operation; something that comes as a standard in IN SURANCE platform, but not something every software platform can support.

Multiple Languages

Crossing borders with your Insurance products? Is population of your Country multi-lingual? Not a problem.

IN SURANCE offers the flexibility you’ll need to deploy both national and regional offices.

IN SURANCE supports multiple languages out of the box. What’s more, you can adopt naming of different features to your specific needs. E.g., you call ‘agency’ a ‘cooperative’? Not a problem. Few adjustments in our translation module, and system reflects your preferred wording.

Multiple User Roles

You can utilize our pre-set user roles like Distributor, Agency Admin, Agency Manager, Sales Executive or we can create a custom role with custom permission settings tailored specifically for you.

Multiple Report Types

You can create different reports that are suitable for your specific needs.

Multiple Sales Channels

Weather you conduct B2B, B2C or B2C sales, IN SURANCE can handle it. What about connection to your GDS system? Be it Amadeus, Navitaire, Sabre, Travelport or any other system, our application will be able to integrate with it.

Typically all our clients start with a web platform where Agents (B2B) or Clients (B2C) can manually create Insurance Policies. But that shouldn’t limit you – we can integrate our application with your Travel Booking portal, with your Mobile Kiosk or create a White Label solution where insured can purchase policies themselves. Anything is possible with IN SURANCE.

Multiple Product Types

Wandering if we cater for your business line?

IN SURANCE caters for a wide range of classes, including but not limited to travel, motor, sports and other specialist lines, and puts you in control of the entire insurance sales and claim notification process.

Multiple Devices

Mobile Internet usage has surpassed desktop Internet usage already in 2015. In fact, 80% of Internet users own a Smartphone and use it to access the Internet.

And, even though most of the office users are still using desktop or laptop computers to access their business applications, smart leaders look into the future and see the trend that can’t be neglected. If you want future-proof solutions, you need them to be appealing to mobile users!

Users will be grateful and vote with their wallets, since you are among those few, who do not limit them to large screens or inconvenient browsing experience on a mobile device.