Invoicing Management

invoice-managementAs your business grows and becomes more complex, it inevitably creates a situation where more invoices need to be processed.

If you are still relying on paper-based process, you’ll be pleased to discover better alternative – E-Invoices.

In the era of technology, generating and maintaining invoices as well as settling payments should be almost effortless.

At IN SURANCE we take pride in simplifying and automating the task of managing payments and invoices to the extent that even the most technically-challenged members of your staff can handle it.

In broad strokes, Invoice Management can be handled in a few simple steps:

  1. Filter and define which policies you want to be included in the invoice
  2. Create invoice based on your selection (depending on configuration can be either automatically or manually emailed to the Agency)
  3. Mark as Settled, once you have received payment for particular invoice.
  • Decreased costs of invoice processing
  • Increased efficiency of invoice processing
  • Automated invoice e-mailing
  • Environment-friendliness – less paper and transportation, leading to reduction in waste
  • Better forecasting and cash management