Customer Self-Service Portal

Customer-PortalIN SURANCE Customer Portal complements other features and enables you to satisfy the self-service demands of policyholders through the device of their choice.

Our Customer Portal solution is optimized to leverage your core system and lower your total cost of ownership.

All agent and customer interactions under one roof.

Policyholders armed with knowledge make better decisions and provide more consistent, predictable, and reliable payments.

Well-informed policyholders who are empowered with up-to-the minute policy, billing, and claims status have raised the stakes in the online insurance world.

Today’s tech-savvy policyholders have high expectations for digital access to all aspects of their accounts and policies.

Enabling policyholders to view, update, and manage their own accounts and policies from any device in a secure portal powered by IN SURANCE Customer Portal improves customer satisfaction and increases market share.

  • View and change account details such as contact information
  • Complete Product & Claim overview
  • View specific policy details and print or email them
  • Update, renew or cancel policies
  • Submit claims
  • Increased customer satisfaction and improved renewal rates
  • Automated email notification system to reduce late payments

Meet the increasing demand for omni-channel self-service while reducing customer service costs