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IN SURANCE Software Application – to Help You To Get More Out of Your Insurance Business And Stay Ahead of the Game

Today, many insurance applications are aging, highly customized — or both. As a result, they can’t help you create the kinds of insurance products that today’s consumers demand or reduce your speed to market in any meaningful way.

New levels of mobility, speed and privacy all remain out of reach.

Your insurance systems may also be limiting your ability to innovate, retain your most valuable customers, control costs, mitigate risk, react quickly to changing market conditions, or compete globally.

  • Is your IT infrastructure getting in the way of profitable growth?
  • Looking for an omni channel Point of Sale (POS) solution for your Insurance company?
  • Ready to modernize your insurance sales systems, contain your costs, and attain profitable growth?
  • Ready to integrate state-of-art paperless insurance back-end Processes?

Then you’re ready for the power of IN SURANCE. What you need is a modern, integrated and flexible IT environment. Something needs to change.

to Manage Insurance Policy Sales And Back End Processes


Introduce products and services quickly, accurately and cost-effectively — even in multiple locations. Our software offers tools that let you configure product definitions, rules and calculations. It is very easy to use. All functions and lines of business are accessed from a single Web portal.


Spot emerging trends, seize new market opportunities, and detect issues before they become problems.

IN SURANCE system provides analytic tools and interactive dashboards.


Deliver new products and services to market quickly — while we absorb your costs.

Provide us with your product description, pricing model and policy template – and you can launch rapidly and in any location.


Interact with customers across multiple channels through a point of sale system that is fully integrated with your core policy administration systems. Our platform is mobile device friendly and cloud based, so both your team, your agents and clients can access it from anywhere with Internet and browser.


Add computing power and storage when you need it.

IN SURANCE systems supports cloud computing, so you can scale up (or down) quickly, easily and affordably. We charge tiny transaction based fees, so your growth means our growth as well.

The Company behind IN SURANCE

tigerlab-logo-newIN SURANCE application is developed and maintained by team of tigerlab – enterprise level software developer from Germany with large portion of develpment team located in a sunny Malaysia, the IT hub of Asia.

There are several types of development firms on the market today. Majority of these firms are concerned primarily with their bottom line, always pushing the next sale. Many of these firms outsource their development to third party offshore companies and trade quality for reduced development costs. Not tigerlab.

We employ a group of highly talented software developers and business analysts with skills in several areas of both software development and business management. Our client’s needs, and how effectively we meet them, are extremely important to us. After all, this is what truly determines success and provides our clients with superior software solutions.

Our multi-cultural development, management and support team represents 11 different countries headed by CEO Tobias Bergmann from Germany (known as a Country of perfectionists).

We strive to change the face of the development industry by creating powerful software solutions that evolve – complete scalability and adaptability is what we are known for. This is accomplished by implementing a project management process that allows us to work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that our software is planned, developed and deployed in the most efficient manner possible. This process ensures that our clients’ associates adapt well to their technology implementation and integration.

IN SURANCE is not just another application for us. It is THE application we’ve spent years developing and perfecting.

Our goal is to make insurance software easy to implement, understand and manage by everyone involved. Judging by warm testimonials – we are succeeding.