360° Case View

360-case-viewSome products, like travel insurance can be automatically quoted, easily sold online and don’t require complex verification procedure. But, what if some of your products require multiple additional steps, like manual case assessment by the Underwriter or Risk Surveyor…?

As an example, in some Countries almost every car insurance requires manual assessment of the actual vehicle. Every quote has to be manually approved by Underwriter. A lot of paper-work, exchange of emails, phone-calls… manual labor… which often leads to confusion and less than efficient work-flow. It is lengthy multi-step process.

Multi-Step Insurance Purchase/Claim Cases Simplified

IN SURANCE application can be used to process complex multi-stage policy procedures with various parties involved in the process.

You can now keep everything in one system, so that you are always aware which case is currently at which stage and who is responsible for it.

Eventually, it means improved efficiency, increased customer satisfaction and significant cost savings for you.

All Insurance Or Claim Case Data In Front Of You

  • All the communication between all involved parties in one place
  • All relevant data (amounts, places, documents) in one place
  • Define and assign person/department responsible for particular stage